“Whoa! That’s English for ‘Stop a Horse’!”

I’ve had so much on my plate recently that I haven’t had a chance to put pen-to-paper fingers-to-keys and get any of my blog posts in my head into writing.

I wouldn’t say I’m busy, ‘coz I’m not, not really. I just seem to have so many things going on I cant get anything organised.

I’ve barely had a chance to think about this pregnancy, I’m probably not taking enough care of myself, I’m certainly not taking enough care of the shit hole I call home, my poor husbands a bit neglected, nothings getting done, all the little energy I do have is being spent on our little one, who’s rapidly trying his best to become a toddler.

Since my last post he’s learnt to wave, clap, sign for milk, crawl, sit up from laying/crawling, pull himself up onto things and has just cut his 7th tooth!

He’s changed so much in just a short few weeks. It’s fantastic to see him take on this new little character, gain a little independence, communicate with us all easier and generally turn into a little boy from our little baby. But my goodness it’s knackering!

As well as all that I’ve also been dealing with the following over the last few weeks:

  • Horrible morning all day sickness,
  • Continuing to hide pregnancy from nearly all but those previously mentioned,
  • Going back to work,
  • Then being out of work,
  • Then looking for work,
  • Photography work,
  • Looking for photography work,
  • Deciding to definitely extend the house,
  • Arranging finance to extend the house (not easy without a job),
  • Arranging builder quotes/architects etc,
  • Designing kitchens,
  • Attempting to help a friend with ongoing publicity for their big Baby Show happening next week,
  • Oh, and dealing with the worry following a small amount of bleeding last week, and the subsequent fear and then the scan that showed me everything was ‘absolutely fine’, but seemed to date me a week or two behind my dates, cue shitloads of worrying…
  • and…. well… I have no doubt I’m missing something from that list. (..Life..?!)

I no longer feel like I’m juggling balls; I’m spinning plates. I can only briefly touch each one threatening to crash before dashing over to the next wobbling pole…

I need some time out. Just a day or two to catch up, re-evaluate, REST.

And the moon on a stick would be nice too….


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